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Oct 2013

Northern Lights - Hot Tubs & Saunas
Exclusive to Northern Lights Cedar Tubs! 

Introducing the Ultimate in Wood Fired Hot Tubs 

Timberline Wood Water Stoves is the newest addtion to our group of companies.

With 3 sizes, these heaters can heat up everything from a small 4 person hot tub to even a medium sized above ground pool.

These external WF water heaters are the safest, cleanest and more economical than any other wood fired water stove in the industry.

No more ashes in your water!!!!!!

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Here we Grow Again!!

Introducing our newest dealer in Europe!!

Sparta Spas has 3 Showroom locations in Israel.

Please visit our dealer show cases to find a dealer or show case hot tub near you!

Hot Tub Specials

Hot Tubs & Saunas 

6 Person  Electric Hot Tub

5' 6" Cedar Tub with Electric heater, filter, pump, 4 Jets, cover, and seats

 Was $5235 
Now $4750

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Hot Tubs & Saunas 

4 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub

4' 8" Cedar Tub with Wood Fired Heater includes Chimney and Cover

 Was $4685
Now $4100

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Hot Tubs & Saunas 

8 Person Large Hybrid Tub

Our best system!
Uses both gas and electric heater with jets, filter, cover, seats

Was $7160
Now $6500

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Tips and Tricks

Did you know that cleaning your filter every 2-3
weeks can extend your water changes by over 100%?
Also reduces chemical costs by up to 50%! 


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