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STEP 1:- Choose Your Tub Size
Small 4' 8" (4 person)
Our 4 person hot tub complete with seats and stainless steel straps. This tub is 4 feet 8 inches diameter by 4 feet tall. Recommended for up to 4 persons.
$2,600.00 USD
Medium - 5' 5" (6 person)
Our 6 person hot tub complete with seats and stainless steel straps. This tub is 5' 5" diameter by 4' tall. Recommended for up to 6 persons.
$3,050.00 USD
Large 6' 2" (8 person)
Our 8 person hot tub complete with seats and stainless steel straps. This tub is 6' 2" diameter by 4' tall. Recommended for up  to 8 persons.
$3,600.00 USD
X- large tub 7' (10 person)
Our  largest 10 person hot tub complete with seats and stainless steel straps. This tub is 7' diameter by 4' tall. Recommended for up to 8 persons.
$4,400.00 USD
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STEP 2:- Choose Your Cover & Color
Solarno Rust Almond Brown
Raw Hide Maroon Hunter Green
Teal Dark Grey Light Grey
Navy Blue Azure Blue Black

Click here to see Color Samples

R14- Insulated Covers
Our Northern Elements marine vinyl covers are made from 4"  heavy-duty tapered foam which offers an R-14 level of insulation.  They come with tie downs including keyed lock fasteners (Child Proof Locks). All covers have an aluminum C channeling and are made from 1.5lb high density insulating foam which will support up to 400 lbs of static weight. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
$480.00 USD
R21- Insulated Covers
For the harshest winter conditions we have the ultimate upgrade to a 5-4” taper with 2.0 lb expanded polystyrene foam having a R-21 value of insulation. Comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty!
$590.00 USD
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STEP 3:- Choose Your Heating System
Electric Heating System 220 VAC
This electric system includes a Balboa 5.5Kw heater digital spa pack (including digital programmable options) with a 50 square foot filter system, LCD digital top side controls and a 1 1/2 HP 2 stage 220/230 VAC pump. Included are 4 industrial cedar adjustable jets (more jets and larger pumps are available), a bottom suction intake and top skimmer for superior filtration, and two air controllers for dual action jet massage control, and an interior 3 color mood light.   Show Heating Matrix Pre plumbed and wired spa pack, filter, and pump on a plastic base (makes assembly much quicker)

Gas Heating System with Circ Pump
This 125,000 BTU Pentair MasterTemp outdoor natural gas/propane heater quickly heats any hot tub size.  Comes with Digital Temperature Display.  It runs off 110/120 VAC and uses a small .08HP pump that draws under 2 Amps.   The tub maintains sparkling clean water by circulating the water  through a 50 sq ft  filter.   This system is popular for those that only limited 110/120 VAC electricity available (No 220/240 VAC available).  The quiet pump and no jets makes this an ideal soaker tub.  The system, while still operating from 120 volts, can be upgraded to include 4 jets  via a 1 HP 2-speed pump with pneumatic on/off air control.  Show Heating Matrix

Gas Electric Hybrid 240 VAC
This is the most advanced  heating system on the market!  It comes complete with a natural gas  or propane 100,000 BTU/hr heater and a 5.5 kW electric Balboa Digital Spa Pack controller with a programmable LCD touch panel to manage the gas unit . This systems allows the user to easily change the heating source by selecting one of three configurations: Only gas heat Only electric heat Both gas and electric heat simultaneously This hybrid system allows users the greatest flexibility in energy choice and cost control by allowing the user to simply change the heating source from gas to electric or both. The hybrid system automatically provides a built in backup system and because of the electric option.  It can be used in winter conditions when gas heaters are often not recommended to be used.   This heating system includes all the same features as the electric only system (filter, 2.0 HP pump, 4 jets (upgradeable to 6 or 8), VGB Suction, skimmer, dual air controls) but removes the 5.5 kW auxiliary heater and adds a 100,000BTU input (~24 kW) natural gas or propane heater to provide the equivalent of 30 kW of total heating power. The digital control pack is the single source of power distribution and manages all loads such as pumps, lights, ozonator, ionizer and electric ignition for gas heater. Designed for 220-240 VAC power, 40 Amps and Needs GFCI protection.  Show Heating Matrix

Wood Fired Heater
TimberLine Wood Fired Water Stoves are the industries' leading wood fire  hot tub and swimming pool heaters.  The double walled stainless steel contruction heats the water with out any electricity.  The hot water rises out of the top port and colder water is drawn in from the bottom port.   Comes with added features such as temperature guage, drain valve, cast iron grates adn pressure releif valve.  Available in 3 sizes ranging from 35,000, 55,000 BTU and 105,000 BTU

High Performance
The High performance series of hot tub heaters, combines both energy savings while maximizing the jet performance. It uses a small circulation pump to run the filter cycle and two large jet pumps to power the 16 jets. This means that when the pump is circulating it draws only about 100 Watts versus 600-700 watts on a standard two speed pump. The High performance tub also includes advanced features such as EL2000 Spa controller and ML700 8 button controller with advance features such as time of day filtering and wireless integration. Also included are 4 air controls for better air injection into the massage jets, two VGB suction drains plus top skimmer, 2 x LED light controls, 2 x 50 square foot filters. It is available in either an Electric model with Aux Heater producing 11 Kw of heat or the Gas/Electric Hybrid which integrates the EL2000 spa pack and a 125,000 BTU Pentair Mastertemp 125 Propane or Natural Gas heater.

Auxiliary Heat Source Boiler or Solar
This Heating option can be integrated with any auxiliary heating source such as solar water heater, gas or electric boiler, hot water tank etc.   The digitally controlled spa pack acts very similar to the standard electric heating system by providing the controls for jets, lighting, ozone/ionizer and heat demand control.  When the hot tub requires heat, the spa pack energizes either a three way diverter valve or a 2nd circulation pump found on the Auxiliary Heating Loop.  This then brings heat to the heat exchanger transferring the energy to the hot tub.  Includes 4 jets, top bottom suction, 50 square foot filter, digital topside control,  1.5 HP 2 speed pump, piping and fitting.  Note - piping for Aux loop not provided. 

Chiller System
Do you want to use your tub for sports therapy or with a sauna?  Or do you need a way to cool off in the summer.   This Chiller unit is a refrigeration Heat Pump System that can cool the tub to as cold as 55 F.   This complete system comes with two 12,000 BTU chillers (24,000 BTU total), and filter system to keep the water cool.  The Chillers use heat pump technology and are extremelty efficient. 120 VAC (20 Amp)   Ideal for upto 600 gallons.  

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