STEP 4:- Select Recommended Options & Upgrades
Floating Thermometer
This floating thermometer accurately allows you to ensure your tub is at your ideal temperature.
     $20.00 USD
Water Treatment Kit - wood hot tubs
APPROVED FOR WOODEN HOT TUBS!  -This Water Treatment  Kit includes everything a 1st time user will need to maintain clear, perfect water! Included sanitizers, oxidizers, water balancing and filtering enhancement products. Included are a large bucket of bromine tablets with floating dispenser as well as liquid Na Br salt and Non-Chlorine Oxidizer (MIPS) to create Bromine in the 2-step method.  Balancing products include Calcium +, Alkaline +, PH +, PH -.  Other products include; De-foamer, natural enzyme scum remover, flocculent, chemical dispenser, 5-way water test kit. The most comprehensive water treatment kit in the business!
     $145.00 USD
Mineral Ionizer
BETTER- A Natural Alternative to Chemical Sanitation (eliminating bacteria & micro organisms) for Pools & Spas.  This is an alternative to using Bromine or Chlorine as the sanitizer.  Silver, Copper and Zinc are added to the water by electrolysis which kills over 650 types of bacteria and algae and stimulates healing of the skin.  NOTE:  This unit requires a pump.   This is an alternative sanitizer which eliminates the use of bromine. A water treatment kit is still recommended for the water balancing products, filtering enhancement products and oxidizing  products that  are still required.
     $515.00 USD
WiFi Wireless Smart Phone Connection
WiFi Wireless Smart Phone Connection - With this up grade you now can have full control of your hot tub heater from any WiFi Connection through an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet.  Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and all Android smart phones.  This upgrade includes a wireless transceiver that connects to any wireless home based router, Y-Splitter Cable and an up grade to the Balboa BP series spa pack capable of WiFi connectivity.
     $450.00 USD
lnternal Mood Light
This light kit is available with a wood heater option and uses a 12 VAC low voltage bulb with 3 color lenses.  There is an air actuator for on off control and the transformer and switching is located in a weather proof UL/CSA approved box outside the hot tub.  Requires a 120 VAC GFCI protected receptacle.
small     $195.00 USD
STEP 5:- Select Your Wooden Accessories
Cedar back rest
Hand made cedar back rest lets bather recline.
     $50.00 USD
Side Shelf for Controller
2' x 8" Custom Cedar Side shelf with built in cover for the digital LCD top side controller.   Ideal for drinks and towels.  This cover has brass hinges to protect the topside controller from fading and the elements.
     $120.00 USD
Cedar Side Shelf
Custom side shelf 2' length x 8" wide.  Ideal for drinks, soaps and towels!    
     $125.00 USD
Cedar Steps
These hand made cedar steps are very sturdy, make getting in and out of the tub easier and safer.
     $175.00 USD
Custom Cedar Enclosure
Custom Cedar Enclosure with a removable access lid.  This hand crafted cedar box beautifully matches the fine cedar wood of the Ofuro Tub.  It is made of 1.5" thick cedar walls and sturdy lid.   If you plan to use the Ofuro with the electric heating option then this is an ideal solution to cover the heater and pump form the elements.  Also virtually eliminates any pump noises.  The easy access lid makes cleaning your filter very easy.
     $400.00 USD