7 foot cedar soaker tubby Admin
Dec 2012


I was looking at the extra large 7 foot diameter with natural gas heater.  I am assuming everything comes with the tub, stairs, bench's, all plumbing.  What about a cover for this unit?
There is a nice fiberglass hot tub there all ready so this would be complementing it so no need for a lot of jets.  Looking for a giant soaker.
I am located in Grafton, Ontario,  so what kind of shipping and delivery times would I be looking at?
Thanks Jake

Dated on : 13-12-2011


Replies :

Jake a cover is included with the tub. The stairs are an additional add on.    The heating system you would need would be the cottage gas heater that has no jets but comes with a filter system.  If you click here you can get the hot tub pricing page.


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 19-07-2011

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