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Sep 2014

Message: I am interested in one of your cedar wood tubs.  Have been doing a bunch of research (mostly online) between the acrylic and wooden tubs.  It seems most everyone I know has one of the acrylic tubs but I've never been a fan.  While living in the western states it seemed there were more wooden tubs.  I remember the wooden tubs being deeper and am not worried about having 5 million jets blasting water.... although a couple to circulate the water would be good.  Aesthetically I think the wooden tub would work better with my house than having a plastic tub in the yard.. (an outside installation). I have few questions which would be easier to ask in person if you could have a salesperson give me a ring at their convenience. Namely prepping the site, whether to use gas (natural gas) or heat exchanger (zone from boiler). And any other incidentals that I would need to get ready for soaking this winter.. We usually have company so an 8 person tub would probably be in order... Thank you.

Dated on : 09-17-2013


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Hi Eric, my name is Tim Musicky, VP of Sales.  I am also one of the owners here at NLCT.. I would only be too glad to be of assistance and answer any questions you may have. My direct contact # is 1-800-759-8990 Ext 224. and my email is [email protected].  Please do not hesitate to call me direct or if you provide me with your tel. number I can also contact you as well.   I will send you some info on Accessories and Options as well as site prep which I know you will find very informative in assisting you inwhat you should consider for heating, accessories and other options.   Tim

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 08-20-2013

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