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Jul 2013

Message: Hi, I bought the above mentioned Balboa VS501z spa-pac from you a few years ago. The pac has run flawlessly up until lately, during the winter the GFCI popped off. as it wouldn't reset we drained the tube and I brought the pump and pac inside until we could look at it. Well, we got around to looking at it, and after repairing some plumbing and filling the tub with water we turned on the power. The breaker didn't pop right away, but after the pump primed the breaker popped. I followed Balboa's trouble shooting guide and disconnected everything, but the GFCI pops immediately with nothing plugged in. Can you offer any tests or troubleshooting tips to repair this problem? Thanks, Fred

Dated on : 05-27-2012


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My 1st instinct would be to suspect the heater element having a small hole pitted into it, that allows water to get in and you are tripping on a ground fault.  This connect both copper strips from the element.  This requires using two wrenches so you don't twist the element's wire, incase the front nut won't come off easy.  Now, with everything else connected, turn on the power.  If the ground fault breaker stays engaged, the heater element is your problem.  Water is corrosive if the pH is low or if the water is soft. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 05-27-2012

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