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Jul 2013

Message: I am wondering from the time of ordering, how long it takes to receive the cedar hot tub?  How long does installation typically take?  Is it best to have a contractor install this?

Dated on : 06-05-2012


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Typically, depending on when you order it can take 5 weeks, but if you were to order a tub now I can have it delivered in 3-4 weeks. It depends on the complexity of the installation as to how long assembly would take. For instance there can be a difference in installation time whether the tub is going to be stand alone or built into a deck, complexity of heating systems etc.. If you have the site preparation completed and it is a stand alone set up you would be looking at install in 5-6 hours. Building it into a deck is another story but the actual assembly of the tub would be approximately the same. The majority of our customers do the the install them selves. We provide an comprehensive assembly manual that is easy to follow. However, if project is involving a contactor to do deck building or landscaping you can also consider having them do the install... Carpenters or general handymen can also do the assembling. I can provide you with info on site preparation and accessory options. We also provide very extensive technical support and service during assembly and thereafter as long as you own the tub.   If you wish to discuss this further do not hesitate to call me directly. Tim Musicky, VP Sales and partner. 1-8---759-8990.  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-05-2012

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