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Jul 2014

Message: I run a residential pool company in the southern US.  We have recently been contracted by a customer that has one of your cedar hot tubs.  Since this is the first we have run across this type of product, I want to make sure that we provide them with the proper techniques for cleaning a wooden hot tub as recommended by you, the manufacturer. Can you please provide me with specific instructions on how to clean (brush? Sponge? cleaning agent?) and how often this should be drained and refilled.  We do not have hard water in this geographic area, the sanitation system is a salt water system.  I have read that you recommend Ozone sanitization - should this be installed for the greatest longevity? Thank you for your quick response.   Andy Strain  

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Andy a cleaning a wooden hot tub is done in the same fashion as a plastic hot tub, with one exception!  We don't use damaging chlorine in our tubs.

Should you need to physically clean the surfaces within the wood tub use a relative soft scouring pad/sponge.  A liquid non-soap clean agent, that you could make up using water, an oxidizer such as MPS or chlorine as well as containing some algaecide would work. While for cleaning purposes chlorine can be used, be very careful not to use it otherwise, such as for water sanitation.

Bathing water in the tub needs to be treated the same as a normal ho tub as follows:

1) Balance the water (get pH (7.4-7.8), total alkalinity (around 160ppm) and hardness (200-300ppm) right, so water is not corrosive to metals.

2) Use a sanitizer method that will not attack wood.  Chlorine is a no-no, especially tri-chlor products.  The system we recommend, uses a Copper/Silver/Zinc mineral ionizer, an hot tub ozonator as well use of a pH balanced oxidizer (MPS). The later is applied after a heavy use session or at least once a week if usage is light.  If ionizer isn't available, substitute the 2-part bromine method and add some algaecide for algae/sliminess control.

3) Clean filter every  2 months, change filter once per year, change water every 6 month or more often if warranted. Also important to use flocculent and enzyme-based water clarifier/scum remover as needed.  Whenever the water gets turbid looking (has lost its clear look) add these products.  Turbidity happens because particles are too small to filter and have like electric charge so they don't want to clump together.  The flocculent neutralizes the charges so now small particles do clump together and are removed by the filter, clearing up the water. See attachment, especially section 9, for further information. Dieter Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.

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