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Dec 2012


We live in southern central California where it's not unusual for it to be 95-110 degrees in the summer.  Evenings, it only gets down to the 80's when it's that hot during the day.  During the winter, having a hot tub would be luxurious.  But during the summer when it's that hot, it would be great if we had a tub of cool water to sit in.  Even if I turned off the heater on the tub, such a small body of water would heat up pretty fast in the extreme heat of the summer.  Is there an option to cool the water or keep the water cool during the summer so we can use a tub year round?  

Dated on : 13-12-2011


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There are some larger pool chillers that are in the $1500-$2000 but would be overkill for a hot tub, however just as the hot tub keeps in the heat with an insulating cover, it also keeps out the heat.  One way to get the temperature down would be to leave off the cover at night and put it on in the morning.  Blocks of ice are cheap and certainly work well, for around $5 you could buy to blocks of ice and have a nicely chilled tub.



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