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Dec 2012


What would I need to do, if I  wanted the wood fired heater, but did not want to drain the tub after every use.  I am looking at the Oval 2 person tub?  This will only be used on weekends and the  holidays. 


 Bri--Austin, Tx

Dated on : 13-12-2011


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You can keep the water in for a few days without needing to change it.  If it is freezing then there are port plugs that come with it.  These allow you to drain only the Chofu wood fired hot tub heater but keep the water in the tub.  you could also add a small filter circulation pump system to the tub, this would then act as a hot tub and filter the water allowing you to maintain clean water for much longer with out needing to drain the system.


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 08-09-2011

   01:10 AM , 15 Jan 2014
We have 4 of these Ofuro Tubs and instead of draining them we bought a small pump and filter system. We own a small lodge and renters rent by the week so this way we only have to drain and clean them weekly. I believe Northern Lights sell this kit for under $500 and it does a fantastic job of keeping the water clean with out having to add chemicals.
   11:19 AM , 25 Jan 2014

I love the this concept of the Ofuro Tub but we pay for our water so draining the ofur tub with each use might not be the best way go.  I would think that filtering the water might be better but then there is electricity so  1/2 of one 1/2 of the other???  something to think about.  


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