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Jul 2014

Message: Hi, I need a board for my system and I am curious as to what the difference may be between the two different EL2000 M3 Boards.  Mine is a Balboa 55013-01 and I see you sell the Blaboa 53834-05 board. My tub is a 3 pump with no blower. Also, your replacement EL2000 Pack with the 5.5Kw heater, I have a waterway Iron Might circulation pump 110v 40GPM, all 2" piping, is this ok to go to 5.5Kw heater as my current 2008 tub has a 4.0Kw heater? Thanks  

Dated on : 07-17-2013

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Your existing board is an EL2000 M3, with certain preset features made by Balboa for Hydro Spa.  While this is a thus a unique number, it doesn't mean that a standard 53834-05 board won't work.  For example it could be a simple as having a specific reminder message included. Fortunately they are both M3 boards.  A photo of your top side panel would be useful, as would you telling me whether two of the three pumps are 1 speed and one is 2-speed.  I gather no smaller circulation pump is used.  Then I can also tell you how to specifically set up the DIP Switches. Dieter Jung Northern Lights Group Northern Lights Group.

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Hi Dieter, I have the ML700 topside, with one 1 speed motor, one two speed motor, one circulation pump, one ozone. No blower. I also wanted to upgrade to a 5.5KW heater as well, any recommendations? I currently have 4KW   Thanks again, great support your team offers. Ken      

Post By : Ken Dated On : 06-10-2013

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