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Nov 2013

Message: I'm thinking of installing a round hot tub inside.  Approximate size is 60" diameter by 36" deep.  What heaters do you recommend?  Would a 1.5KW do, and if so how long would it take to heat up the water?  I do not need a very fast action one, but a reasonable time...  What does it cost?  Does it include an automatic control panel? Regards,   Laszlo    

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Either Balboa VS501Z or BP1500 spa pack builders kit (which includes control panel and  cable.  How much heat you will get out of these depends whether you supply 240 volts or 120 volts.  1st one has a 5.5 kW heater and 2nd one a 4kW element.  However when service is 120 volts, heater power is only 1/4 of this.  heating will be slow, 24 -36 hours if you use 120 volts.   Dieter Jung   Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.

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