Error Message LF on VS501Zby Admin
Mar 2014

Message: Dieter, I am getting a error message LF. I have tried all the suggestion: Re energizing and priming the pump but condition still persists. Would appreciate any suggestion. I bought the Elliptical Ofuro Tub with VS501Z last Sept 201. My invoice number was 8748. look forward to hearing from you.       Jeff Weetch

Dated on : 03-15-2013


Replies :

I gather the LF message is recent, that it was not there from the 1st start.  If that is the case your flow circuit has become more constrictive, and this would likely be due to either a plugged up filter cartridge or a suction screen or both.  So check the filter and screen and clean these.   Dieter Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.

Post By : peter moroz Dated On : 02-04-2013


Also email me a photo of your set up please.   [email protected]   Dieter

Post By : peter moroz Dated On : 02-04-2013


Dieter, Thanks you for the prompt reply. I am also traveling at present but will back home Sat and shall verify the filers etc. The set up is identical to the standard in the booklet. Kind Regards Jeff 

Post By : Jeffrey Weetch Dated On : 02-04-2013

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