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Feb 2014

Message: I am just about to purchase one of your beautiful cedar hot tubs.  We are looking at the 6 person wood fired hot tub for our lake.  My question is what size should the base be and do I need to pour concrete or can I just use paving blocks?  Any suggestion would be helpful.   Stew

Dated on : 02-22-2013


Replies :

Stew, you can pour a foundation pad with concrete but that is over kill and with the price of concrete it can get expensive.  We recommend a solid gravel based pad packed tight with level paving block over top.  These blocks come in different sizes from 1' to 2' squares ot form a larger pad.   The foundation area you will need for your wood fired hot tub would be the same as the diameter of the hot tub.  In this case our 6 person wood fired hot is 5' 5" so minimum should be about a 5 1/2' square pad.  You should also include a smaller flat foundation pad for the wood fired hot tub heater which should be the same height as the hot tub foundation.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-22-2013


Thanks Dan, I was hopping you would not tell me I have to build a foundation for the wooden hot tub as concrete is very pricey especially when you are at a remote lake 2 hours from civilization.  I will send you a picture when the project is complete.   Stew

Post By : Stewart Johnson Dated On : 02-22-2013

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