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May 2013


re:  Gas Heater Retrofit to existing Balboa VS Spa Pack


Your hybrid heating info on your website is very interesting.  If I purchased a gas heater from your company, what is the exact connection between the Balboa VS and the gas heater?  Is there any reference info from Balboa on this?  Thank you for your time.



Dated on : 27-05-2012


Replies :

If you only want to use gas heat, then you disconnect the heater element's copper strips.  There are connection points on the circuit board that are electrically at the same place as the output to the heater element.  These are used to control an auxilliary heater.  You use these to connection points to bring 240 volt power to the gas heater.  The gas heater can be powered by 240 volt or 120 volt, so you set it up for 240 volt.  We provide fused connections.  You either turn the gas heater's temperature dial to maximum, or better you jumper out the thermostat contact on the gas heater.

Now whenever the Balboa VS501Z calls for heat, the gas heater will fire up.  Hydraulically you connect the gas heater after the spa pack and the filter.


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