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Apr 2014

Message: Greetings - I am looking for an ofuro tub but wanted to ask how one would maintaing the wood in the winter.  I live off the grid so the plug in heating is not an option, rather feel that the propane would be the way to go( we oftenhave outside fire restrictions in the summer) - and also looking for ease so can use it 3-4 times a week.   So curious if the gas circulating system necessary - also feel maybe could buy tub and cover and use a propane heating system alone???   Another question - is it possible to give $2-2500 cash and finance the rest???   Appreciatively - Blair Grey Pecos, NM

Dated on : 04-27-2013

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Blair, yes you can use gas as the most convieniet way to heat our hot tub.  The problem is most gas heaters have a rating of about 0 degrees and a also an altitude requirement of below 5000 feet.  We do offer a high altitude heater.   As it gets colder the heaters get less efficient is the problem. With any gas hot tub heater you will require a circulation pump as the heater will not come on with out flow being present. We can certainly work with you on designing a hot tub package with gas heater and small circulation pump. We can also finance part of the tub should you prefer. Please let me know if you would like a quote for such a system.  You can also visit www.cedartubs.com/pricing.html and get an idea of the cost.   Dan  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-26-2013

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