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Mar 2014

Message: Hi,  I am looking for some info on the heat exchanger you sell.  I currently have a steam boiler system heating my home but there is an unused auxiliary forced hot water output as well.  I believe I could use this output in conjunction with your heat exchanger to heat a hot tub, yes?  Please advise... Thanks, Michael Dion 

Dated on : 02-26-2013


Replies :

Michael,  Yes you certainly could do this.  You would need a heat exchanger and diverter valve.  When you tub signals for heat and energizes the heating element, it will instead energize the diverter valve and open the hot water allowing it into the heat exchanger.  There are a few logistics that need to be considered such as will the pump be working  and will the boiler be on when your hot tub signals for heat?  You can get some more information by visiting our hot tub heater exchanger page.  hot tub with heat exchanger   

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-27-2013

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