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Dec 2012


1st I want to thank you for such and informative web site. I have dealt with Ionization over the years both commercially and residentially.

I understand that Ionization alone will not suffice in treating hot tub water (Fiberglass) not wood.

Here is the million dollar question.  I have looked into salt water pools hence salt water hot tubs.  Adding pool salt and a mineral current which releases chlorine when it passes over the mineral charge.  Plus getting the ionization of the mineral. I want to know what would the effect of Copper Ionization and Epson Salt an alternative for salt water pools would do in a hot tub?  I do understand the PPM for copper not to stain so it would be intermediately introduced to the water. Again not wooden.  Epson salt is not as harsh as swimming pool salt and I have a small hot tub 3 person so the amount of water being treated is minimal. I will also be emptying and cleaning/flushing  my hot tub depending on use on a regular basis. Every week to two weeks.

Epson Salt is recommended by the medical society as a detox for the body as well as to help arthritis and other ailments when soaking in a tub.

Any input would be welcome..  There is a website that offers a homemade salt water system but it calls for Titanium Screen which I am unable to locate in a small amount. Copper on the other hand is very accessable.

Thank you

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Replies :

 Probably copper and silver ionization works as good in an acrylic tub as in a wood tub.  The reason by itself they are not approved commercially as a pool ot hot tub sanitizer is that they are not killing the full range of bacteria, microorganisms, etc. that chlorine or bromine will do.  typically they still require some oxidizer (shock) to be used to burn up dead organic compounds.  Another reason is EPA has not studied them as well as they have chlorine.

Salts by themselves are not sanitizers, nor is epson salt.  You no doubt will appreciate that sea water is full of living organisms.  If these were a sanitizer, sea water would be lifeless.  Salts including epson salts are touted for providing a soothing and healing bath.  Whether this is folklore or fact I wouldn't want to speculate.

To use salt (NaCl or NaBr), an DC electric current is passed through water containing salt.  This releases the active Chlorine and Bromine, and now you have a sanitizer.  This is just a different way of injecting chlorine or bromine into the water.  The chlorine salt water generators are well proven and they work.  They have the further advantage of converting the smelly chloromides (chlorine-nitogen compounds) back into elemental chlorine, which doesn't smell.  Still you have to again use an oxidizer occasionally.

You cannot use epson salt which is magnesium sulfate to create chlorine or bromine.  it cannot be used as a sanitizer when you pass electricity through it. 

Can you use both a salt water chlorinator and an ionizer?  Yes, but why.  Seems going overboard.

Dieter Jung

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.


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