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Jan 2014

iMessage: Hi, I am an architect in Perth Western Australia. A lot of your hot tub images show the wood hot tub with a lip of about 100mm around when the tub is in a deck for example. Are you able to design the tub so the decking runs over the top of the tub edge? Regards Georgina

Dated on : 01-10-2013


Replies :

That can be done, but you need to leave a bit of extra clearance so that the cover and it’s 50mm skirt fits over the rim of the tub and is not inhibited by the deck boards. With such a design it is not necessary to deploy straps to hold the cover, other than if children’s safety is a concern.  The design of the deck would be your undertaking. We can provide you height and diameter information.  Covers are tapered. Where the middle fold is, thickness is 100mm and perpendicular to that the thickness tapers down to 75 mm.   Dieter Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 01-10-2013

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