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Dec 2017

Message: Hello, Please  I'm an architect and we're planning on installing one of your hot tubs, and would like to inset it into the ground. I have a few questions about the installation. Thank you, Liesl

Dated on : 10-24-2017

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When installing a tub into the ground (making a pit for it), the following considerations need to addressed.

1) The pit needs to provide working space around the tub for making plumbing connections and for servicing.  Typical radius should be 1 food more than the radius of the tub

.2) The equipment (pump, heater, filter) is ideally at the same level as the hot tub base, and a nook for it also has to be carved out.

3) The pit must be designed to be draining, otherwise it will fill up with water during a heavy rain.

The attachment contains some information on this near the back.Dieter Jung - Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.204 977 1674 Ext 223 

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Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-25-2017


Also you need to figure out, when everything is nicely covered, how to get into the pit for maintenance.  If you are thinking of having the equipment above ground, then we would need to know this.  Different, more expensive self priming pump is needed, a check valve and the supply piping has to be constructed differently.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-25-2017

Thanks for the information, Dieter. For this Hot Tub, the clients would like to fill it up manually rather than connect it to plumbing. Does that information change anything you wrote in the response? Best, Liesl STUDIO GEIGER ARCHITECTURE 

Post By : Liesl Geiger-Kincade Dated On : 10-25-2017

Well in that case you wouldn't need the nook for the equipment.  Still suggest working space around the tub.  Pit still needs to be drained.  If you have no plumbing, then you do not have a way to filter the water to keep it clear.  Water would have to be changed frequently.  Also not sure how they would heat the water.


Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 10-25-2017


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