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Feb 2015

Message: We want 2 Japanese hot tubs shipped to Sunshine Coast, BC 

Dated on : 01-26-2014

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Pete, I can certainly help you.  What type of  heaters did you want with these two Ofuro tubs.  We offer both wood fired heaters and electric.  Also would you like covers?  Please let me know what you need in terms of accessories and I will put together a quote.   What is the nearest city you would like these delivered to?   Thanks Dan Jung

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-27-2014


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-27-2014

Hi,Vancouver would be the best place to deliver. covers would be good. Wood fired hot tub heaters as well.  I will look at accessories and get back to you.Please quote with covers.Pete----

Post By : Pete Dated On : 01-27-2014


Pete, thanks for getting back to me. Cost for each tub with wood heater and cover is  $3675 so  for two cost would be $7350 with Free shipping to the depot in Vancouver. If purchased before the end of the month (Friday), I could do both for an additional 10% off plus the Free Shipping.  Total $6600. Let me know if this works and I can put together a detailed quote for your approval.   Thanks   Dan Jung  

Post By : Tim Musicky Dated On : 01-29-2014

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