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Nov 2013

Message: I am interested in a two person oval Ofuro hot tub with cover, two back rests and your standard electric heating/filtration system. A couple of questions: My installation is going to be sunken into our deck and supported from grade so that it is exposed about 12" above the deck. But our location floods (salt water) every few years but rarely to the deck level. I suspect that the tub itself won't be damaged. Can I install the heater/filtration module with quick disconnect water connections and electrical and then remove it as a skid when flooding threatens? I would install it at grade. It could be installed above the flood level about 10' away and run plumbing to and fro if absolutely necessary, but it wouldn't be as attractive if located below the deck. I note that the heater is 1.5 KW on 120V and 5.5 KW on 240 V. I have 240 power available. I assume that the heating system has multiple elements that you connect to get 5.5 KW on 240V, right? If you could send me a close up picture of the electrical installation and  a wiring diagram for 240 V that would help. Electrical codes require a breaker/disconnect near the heater and I will install a small outdoor panel near the tub but above the expected flood elevation. What will be required to disconnect the electrical when a flood threatens? I will use flexible non metallic conduit from the panel to the heater module. I am not expecting anything like a plug connector and it would be fine if I have to disconnect wire nuts or whatever to the heater. A picture of my back deck showing where I would locate the tub is attached. David Marchand

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Yes the Quick disconnect idea is feasible.  We would ensure there would be suitable union on the suction and supply piping and your electrician would supply a suitable plug near the skid.  The panel cable would need to incorporate an extension cable, so it can be disconnected without opening the spa pack, although the latter is always possible, just a little more work.   The heater doesn't have multiple elements .  It is a 240 v heater and when you apply only 120 volt it produces 1/4 of the power.  240 volt is good if you have in.  You need about 20" of space to remove the skid.  Your picture indicates the height from bottom of beam to ground may not meet that,  So you will need to work something out.  It is better to have the skid at grade rather than above it.   Dieter

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