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Mar 2014

Message: We just love your Japanese soaking tubs and want to buy one right away.  The problem is that we are planning on moving next year.  Are the Ofuro's Portable.  Can we bring the Ofuro to our new house with out any big problems in transportation?   Thanks   Reg

Dated on : 03-14-2013


Replies :

Reg nice to hear your enthusiasm over our product wood hot tub products.  The Ofuro tubs come pre assembled and are certainly easy to move.  With out water they weigh about 125 lbs and can easily be carried by 2 persons the portable Ofuro only needs a door Clarence of 30 inches so it can pass through most doors.  You will have to disconnect the heating system which can be done fairly quickly depending on whether you have an electric heater or wood fired heater.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-14-2013

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