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Feb 2014

Message: Greetings, I am working to get a few technical queries answered as well as some details on the 'Falling Prices' sale on your website for an Ofuro tub package with Camp wood-stove.  My location is on the US side of the border south of Vancouver, in Bellingham Washington.   So, I am not sure if sales query and technical questions should to the closest US distributor or not.  If you have a Vancouver dealer I could pick up the unit, and even Calgary may be closer to me than California. So, here is the full list of items and please direct to Technical as appropriate. - Package cost and shipping for the Ofuro tub package with Camp woodstove, residential delivery to US zip code 98226 -  What is the time frame on your 'Falling Prices' sale? - If I choose to later convert an Ofuro tub to gas heater, does it use the same tub inlet/outlet as the wood-stove?  Most stoves have two inlet/outlet but it would be much more esthetic to go with the single pair rather than any additional holes. -  Does the placement of a pump/filter system with the TimberLine Camp stove add time to reach target heat in the tub? -  What is the weight of the Ofuro tub when full, for planning purposes? And finally, do you have a non-800 contact I can use. I am overseas at the moment and not able to use 800 numbers. Thanks, Karl Kuntz

Dated on : 12-24-2012


Replies :

Karl sorry for the delay our application had some glitches and was not sending out notifications.  So to answer your questions:   1.  the price of our package is $3500.   2. We have free shipping if ordered before Jan 31, 2013 to the nearest depot   3.Yes the gas heater and wood fired heater are the same pipe dimensions   4.  No the pump does not increase or decrease the heat up time and delivers a better mixed temperature of the water   5. The weight full with out people inside is about 500-600 KG depending on how much you fill it up.   6. You can call us at 204 977 1674 any time Mon-Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm CST       Dan  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-15-2013

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