Questions about the two-person Ofuro tubby Admin
Dec 2017

Message: A couple of questions for you about the two-person Ofuro tub..

* What is the dry weight of the tub?  (I have to carry it up some stairs.)

* I see you sell them pre-assembled.  Do you also sell them to-be assembled?  (I ask because it may not be possible to get them around the bend of the stairs I mentioned above.)

* What is the shipping time to San Francisco after purchase? Thanks, Andrew p.s. I purchased your six-person wooden hot tub years ago and it's been wonderful!
Dated on : 04-25-2017


Replies :


Andrew the dry weight is about 120 lbs and can easily be carried by two people.  Sorry we only sell them as assembled as it is to complicated to assemble as each stave has a different radius cut. Shipping time is about 3-4 weeks based on todays production schedule.   Great to hear your enjoying  you tub! Thanks Dan Jung  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 04-26-2017

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