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Mar 2014

Message: Hi I have one of your cedar tubs from about 2004.  It's been great.... but now I need to take off the brown plastic face of one of the jets to re-seal with silicone.  To access the clear plumbing side is difficult as the tub is sunken into a deck. Is there a special tool or trick for this?  Is the thread direction normal?  I have taken the ring and ball out but can't budge the brown face. I'm having a hard time of it. Thanks Charlie   -- Ashland, Oregon  

Dated on : 03-15-2013



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Charlie, Yes there is a "Jet Removal Tool", that works from the inside. On Monday phone Peter Moroz, extension 223, and he can tell you whether one is in stock and its price.  It is stainless steel and costs a fair bit, Dieter Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 03-09-2013


Thanks. I will do that. 
 Post By : Charlie Schink Dated On : 03-09-2013

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