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Jan 2015

Message: I am interested in using the hydro therapy tub with salt water.  How much of an added expense is this for Los Angeles type weather, (I have an existing 220 volt connection on a covered patio), and how often, minimum, would the water need to be changed for a family of three, using the tub no more than one hour per day.  Please--ballpark will do, since I realize you cannot give exact specifics here...just give me some ideas to consider! Also, what would minimum amount of time be required to heat the therapy tub in my climate to 104 F?  And would your tub allow me to heat up to this temperature or not? (with 220 volt) Also, I need to know about financing options for this up to 60 months.  (I have excellent credit) Thank You! Dan Hagerman

Dated on : 01-21-2014


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Dan, I would recommend the mineral ionizer rather than the salt water.  However both cost the same at $590.   Initially the water will be changed more often as the tannin in the wood will bleach out as the water soaks the wood.  However with proper sanitization you can get away with changing the water every 6 month.  Heating time would be approx 18 hours as there is almost 1000 gallons of water unless you went with a gas hybrid heater which could heat the water in about 6 hours. Ballpark price for a fully equipped Hybrid tub is around $7500-$8000.   Please let me know if you have any other questions. Dan Jung

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