Sanitization Hot Tub with Hydrogen Peroxideby Admin
Sep 2014

Message: Hi,  We have one of your wood fired hot tubs and we have been draining it every couple months, cleaning the tub and refilling it.  But I feel like it needs more sanitation and I have heard about using food grade (35%) Hydrogen Peroxide to sanitize hot tubs.  Are you familiar with this method?  Do you recommend it for your wood-fired hot tubs? Thanks for your help!

Dated on : 09-17-2013

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H2O2 is an oxidizer.  We have no experience with it.  I have read negative comments on it but one never knows, whether or not those are simply competing oxidizer product manufacturer's making claims to keep you using theirs.  In principal any oxidizer that does not deteriorate the wood would be fine.  While we have no experience with H2O2, we do have experience with MPS (OXT-Pur), the oxidizer we sell, and it is good for wood fired hot tubs.   Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 08-28-2013

   01:02 AM , 15 Jan 2014
I have used Hydrogen Peroxide in my hot tub for the last 7 years and it has worked very well for us. There is no odor or bleaching of the bathing suits. I can't see how it would not work in a wood fired hot tub.
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