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Jun 2014

Message: I am looking to repair or replace my 20 year old cedar hot tub. It is leaking.   I am not interested in jets, simply want to soak. I have the equipment: heater, filter etc.  Do you sell just the tub? Will a tub work with other equipment or must it be outfitted with the heater/filter etc that you provide? Are there fiberglass inserts for cedar hottubs?  Again NO JETS. I only want quiet, relaxing soaking.   Thank you

Dated on : 06-04-2013

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Yes we sell just the hot tub without any heaters or jets.  You should be able to use your existing heating system with a new wood hot tub.  Our tubs come in 4 sizes and you can get the pricing off our website.  Sorry we don't sett fiber glass inserts.   Click here for hot tub pricing  Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 05-06-2013

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   04:01 PM , 21 Jun 2013
Hi, Don't know if this is any help to you. I'm interested in getting a hot tub to be my faux hot tub. I want to use it for a quarantine tank for new koi. It would have to be 160 gallons or so. I would use liner to keep water in. I live in Cupertino, CA
   06:12 PM , 14 Jan 2014
We can offer you the Ofuro soaking tub with a custom liner. This will allow you to store your Koi. We have actually had a few customers in the past use our wood hot tubs to store fish. Dan
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