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May 2012



I would like to order from your company a large standalone wooden barrel which I can use in my public bathhouse in Calgary, AB.

Barrel suppose to have 4 feet in diameter and to be as tall as 6 feet.

I am going to use it after attending a steam room and not for a swim but only for cooling off. No any benches needed to be inside the barrel. But I need adjusted to barrel steps which will help to get inside the barrel.

Barrel suppose to be in parts and I will put together all parts inside the bathhouse otherwise it will not fit the door size.

How much I suppose to pay you for the barrel itself and for shipping to Calgary, AB?

I will need also the equipment and instruction for keeping water clean (sanitization).

Thank you very much

Igor Voropanov

Dated on : 22-04-2011





Igor, we only make a 5' tall hot tub?  Other wise there is too much danger of drowning. 

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 27-04-2011

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