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Jan 2014

Message: Hi there, I have an old hot tub and the straps have rusted out.  Do you sell replacement straps.  I see your straps are made from stainless steel.  My previous straps were just just regular steel.  Please send me a price for a new set of straps for a 5' diameter hot tub to White Fish, Montana. Thanks and by the way you have a beautiful product!   Tim

Dated on : 01-27-2013


Replies :

Tim, yes our straps are made from Stainless Steel.  However we have them manufactured for our specific wood hot tub sizes and we don't have a 5' diameter hot tub as our sizing goes from small 4' 8" tub to the next size medium 5' 5" tub size.  I would suggest you call up a local metal fabricator and give them the spec they will certainly be able to build them and you will save in shipping costs.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-27-2013


Great advise!  I guess I should also have these hot tub straps made from stainless steel?

Post By : Tim Stevenson Dated On : 01-27-2013


Yes that would be my suggestion.  It will cost more but they last forever and look better.  They also don't bleed on the hot tub wood staves like regular metal.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-27-2013

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