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Jun 2014

Message: Hi - The 5ft hydrotherapy tub was installed this week.  But all worked fine first night. Heated up to 102. Now the control is flashing a code we do not see in book - Ec (?). And it also flashes 99. It does not feel that hot (99). We need it to be hotter. When we up the temp to 102 it flashed 102 and then just goes back to Ec.   Please call me as soon as possible - we need help!!   Thanks, Terri Ford    

Dated on : 04-27-2013

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Dear Terry, The EC code shows that the spa pack is in Economy Mode.   This is the reason why the heat is not increasing.   The heating modes are changed when someone pushes the temp button and then the light button in sequence.   You can change your spa pack mode to Standard Mode by pressing these 2 buttons in sequence. In our manual, I believe one of the last pages shows the different error codes and how to change heating modes. Please feel free to contact me at my office directly.  My number is 1-800-759-8990 EXT #223 Sincerely Peter Moroz Office Manager Northern Lights Cedar Tubs

Post By : peter moroz Dated On : 04-13-2013


Ec stands for Economy mode.  When in Ec or when in Sl  (Sleep mode)  the heater and pump only come on during the ON part of the filter cycle.  You want to change to St (Standard mode). Press Warm button and the Light button.  Each time you do this it will switch to the next mode. Dieter 

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 04-14-2013

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