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Sep 2016

Message: Hi there just wondering whether shipping to Australia is available for any of your products? "We ship wood hot tubs world wide" comes up in google but on arrival to the website, after completing the steps etc to choose ( I did choose the largest hydro tub) in the end it seems that shipping only available within continental US and Canada. Am I missing something ? Are only some of the tubs able to be shipped? thanks in advance ben

Dated on : 02-14-2014



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Ben we certainly ship world wide.  Just complete the quote request and enter your location and put a note in the request.   We ship to any sea port and will give you a quote back for that delivery cost.  We also have a Free Shipping promotion so on international orders we give you 50% off our cost.  

Post By : Peter Moroz Dated On : 02-14-2014

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