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Jul 2013

Message: Hello there, I have a couple question about the wood burning heater. This may sound crazy but i am looking to hook it up to a hot tub. one of the plastic ones. Is this possible? I am only looking for it to heat the water, and it doesnt have to be fast or anything. I just dont know if the connecting tubes would work.

Dated on : 06-17-2012


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Yes this would certainly work on a plastic tub same as a wooden tub.  You can visit www.woodwaterstoves.com.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-17-2012


What you would need to do is install (add) a suction and a supply wall fitting to your hot tub, to which you connect the wood heater.  The supply wall fitting would need to be at a suitable height to allow proper thermo siphon circulation.  You would rely on your existing circulation system to properly mix the water so that the temperature of the water is uniform, and not hot at the top and cold at the bottom. Even a small wood stove (30,000 BTU/hr) would be powerful compared to your electric heater (5.5kW or 18.7 BTU/hr).   Dieter Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.  

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 06-18-2012

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