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Jan 2018

Message: I live in New England, where we have snow all winter and ponds freeze hard enough to skate on.  Our first line is 2.5 feet under ground, meaning anything above that will eventually freeze solid...at least on the coolest years.   I used to live in Iceland and I know that a hot tub in the snow is one of the best things on the planet.  I have a couple questions about your wood fired tubs.... I'm not sure what fuel source is best for me...I have a lot of free wood every year. 1.)  say it was winter and I haven't used the tub in a couple days.  Maybe I've put a cover on, so its not as frozen as it might be, but maybe there's some ice on top.   How long will it take after I build a fire until my friends can jump in?   How much will I have to feed and tend the fire during that time? 2.). How do I keep a wood fired tub from getting too hot? 3.). Suppose I decide to visit relatives in the south during January and stay away for weeks.  Will my hot tub explode from ice damage if it's outside and unheated? Thanks! --skia  

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A wood fired hot tub in the winter is designed to be used and drained.  It has port plugs that will allow you to drain the heater and keep the water but that is only used over night not for any long period of time. Heat up times in winter will depend on the water temperature as well as the size of the tub and size of the heater. To control the heat you need to get familiar with the heating times based on the type of wood you are using.  When it reaches temperature you then shut off the air supply to the heat to shut down the fire. I hope this helps.   Dan

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