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Jan 2015

Message: Hi there, I just have to say my wife and I really like your product.  We live in Spokane WA and the winters get really cold here.  I have always wanted a wooden tub as I find the plastic are very shallow and have little appeal.  My question  is will your wooden hot tubs work in the winter? John

Dated on : 01-14-2014


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John thanks for the good questions.  We manufacture the hot tubs here in Canada and they certainly will perform in the coldest winter.  As a mater of fact we have had the coldest winter on record and my hot tub still gets a work out daily.  The cedar wood is know for its high insulation values and has the highest R value of any North American wood. More important is the cover that is used as heat rises so we offer very well insulated R14 covers and an option to upgrade to an R21 cover.  There is something specially about using a wood hot tub in the winter especially with some snow to add to the ambience. I hope this answers your questions. Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-08-2014

Thanks for the quick reply.  I am glade we can use the wooden tub year round.  Our winters are wet and cold so jumping into a steaming hot tub is just what the doctor ordered.  We will continue to look at your site as it has lots of information to digest and get back to you later this week with our requirements.   John and Sue

Post By : John Redding Dated On : 01-08-2014

   10:01 PM , 21 Jan 2014

We have a Northern Lights Wood Tub in Anchorage Alaska.  We use it almost every single day and that includes are long dark winters.  Would never go with out!    John

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