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Jul 2014

Message: I have one of your woodcen hot tubs which we love!  I installed the Argenia Mineral  Ionizer 3 yrs ago & took forever to get Cu levels up, but electrodes lasted for three cleanings. Last 1 1/2 yrs ionizer gets Cu levels up quickly but electrode dissolves within 3 months-cannot even clean; always had huge Cu sulphate (green) build-up on electrodes due to bore water. Bore water has not changed- High pH & magnesium in bore but do not activate ionizer until water i sbalanced. any suggestions on how to prolong life of electrode?

Dated on : 06-08-2013

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Only suggestion I would have is that once you have the Cu level uo to 0.4-0.6ppm, turn off the ionizer.  Cu level tends to stay up for a long time.  Keeping the ionizer controller on, especially if you cannot see the  dispaly can cause more Cu to be dissolved, if the controller misbehaves and turns itself to a high setting and you are unaware of this. Dieter

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 06-09-2013

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