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Jun 2014

Message: I am interested in a cold hot tub as well as a hot tub. The main desire for the hot tub is to get one that is HOT!!!! I keep hearing that the electric ones are Temp. regulated. Will a wood fired get hotter? Does a larger heater mean faster heating?  Also I dont need a huge cold tub can the chiller assembly be used on a smaller cedar tub? 

Dated on : 06-04-2013

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Also I forgot to ask if the chiller can be done to the round Ofuro tubs.Steven M

Post By : steven dart Dated On : 04-27-2013


Steve, yes all hot tubs are regulated to 104 F.  A wood fired hot tub will alow you to get the tub to near boiling if you want, so that would be the solution.  The larger the heater the faster the heating time. The Chiller Cooling System would be over kill for a small tub.  If you wanted to cool the tub then a block of ice which you can buy for say $2, would be a much more cost effective way of creating a chiller tub when needed.  Because of the cover and cedar's insulation properties, it will take a while before the tub looses its chilled water to the sourounding air temperature.   Dan  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 04-28-2013


How long do the wood-fired tubs take to heat up?  Is it slower than an internal wood-fired heater? is an electric or gas quicker?Steven M

Post By : steven dart Dated On : 05-01-2013



Heat up time will be based on the size of the wood fired hot tub as we have 3.  The fill volume of water and the water's start temperature.  The large wood fied hot tub "Inferno" is about as powerful as our gas 100,000 BTU heater.  The electric heater would be 1/4 the heat up time. Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 05-01-2013

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