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Jul 2013

Message: I'm mostly interested in using this as a cooling ho tub,no heating just running the jets and a pump to circulate the water. Any suggestions about using your tub for this use.   Ps I was unable to use your shipping estimate form. Please send me a quote for shipping a circular tub with cover to 78723

Dated on : 07-06-2012


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Do you even want jets?  Sounds like you are interested in a soaker tub.  You have the choice either way of buying the tub with a spa pack but turning the temperature way down.  Or you can buy it without a spa pack with just controls to turn the pump motor on and off and if it has jets controlling the motor speed.  With an optional BP1500 spa pack you get a low and high temperature adjustment range 50-99F or 80-104F.  Of course the temperature won't go any lower than the average daily ambient temperature. Shipping, if it is a complete hot tub, we provide free to the nearest trucking terminal.  So your cost, if you wish it shipped to your residence is the local delivery cost.  You can always pick it up yourself. Dieter Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.    

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 07-06-2012

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