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Apr 2014

Message: Hello, was wondering if you can make the oval ofuor tub deeper - 36" interior depth instead of 25"? Also I will be using it for cold water only, don't need a heater. Do you offer the interior liners for these tubs?

Dated on : 03-15-2013


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Yes we can make a deeper ofuro tub.  You would be looking at a cost of $300 for the extra depth.  We also have liners available and they are $350 for a wood grained liner.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-15-2013

What would be the weight of 36" deep 65x30 oval Japanese tub? Does the tub come pre-assembled and with the liner installed if I order the liner? Do you have the liner specifications ( height and thickness), pictures of the liners? Also do you have a diagram of how the tub is connected to sewerage line?  Does the tub have an overflow drain? What is the warranty for the tub and the liner? Please give me the total quote for the tub with options above.Thanks.

Dated on : 03-15-2013

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