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Apr 2014

Message: Hi-I apologize for all the forms submitted. I am interested in your 2 person Ofuro tub. I live in Amarillo Tx. I have checked out the FAQ page, but just curious if you have any other info to provide. I honestly don't know what other questions I have because I have never owned a tub before. What is the time delay to receiving one? My husband's birthday is April 4th & i was hoping to have one by that time or at least a week later if possible? he is quite handy, so I have no doubt he could put it together. What are your recommendations for supplies? accessories? etc? As far as the heating element goes, I really like the idea of the wood burning one, but dont think he would want to have to drain it in the winter months. So I'm looking more at the electrical heating element.   Thanks for your response! Ashley

Dated on : 04-27-2013

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Ashley, yes the electric heater would be the recommended heating type.  As far as accessories, I would suggest stairs and the shelf.  The spa pack comes with a digital controller that mounts in the shelf so you can adjust the temperature and turn on/off the light.   Yes we could have the tub delivered before your husbands birthday.  You will need to contact Tim Musicky on Monday and he can put together a final quote for you.  He is at extension 224    Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-23-2013

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