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Dec 2013

Message: We contacted you earlier and did receive information however we have not solved our problem. We live off the grid (so no pumps, etc), we live in cold upper Peninsula of Michigan and want to use tub in winter (so usual wood heat not good option. We heat our home with an outside wood boiler that heats water that circulates into a plenum in the furnace which then circulates heat for the house. We want to use that same system to heat a cedar tub. Help us solve this problem and we are in the market for a tub.

Dated on : 12-31-2012


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We certainly have a system that would work for you but you would need some sort of circulation pump to move the water through the hot tub.  You can use your existing wood boiler and add a Belimo 3 Way Valve with a hot tub heat exchanger.  When the hot tub requires heat it will signal the 3 way valve to open and divert the boiler through the heat exchanger on the hot tub.  However you need to circulate the hot tub water through the other side of the heat exchanger.  We have very efficient circulation pumps that run 1/8 HP that work but do require some power.  Let me know if this would work and our engineer can put together a system for you.  https://www.cedartubs.com/hot-tub-heat-exchanger.html        Dan

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