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Sep 2014

Message: Dieter, I spoke with you a few weeks ago in an attempt to diagnose the lack of heat in my outdoor hot tub.  I have an electric heater in which I replaced the heater tube after going through the steps suggested with a multi-meter.  I must have misunderstood the directions.  The new heater I felt installed smoothly but the tub is at around 75F.  You had suggested this is heat from the pump.  I have the pump on continous filter and the heat setting on Standard.  I believe you said the other reason this could happen was due to a faulty sensor.  ?  Is this right?  Please advise as to my next move.  Scott 

Dated on : 09-17-2013

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No, not likely a sensor problem since it would lead to a sensor error message.  With the filter cycle on continuous the pump should be running all the time, and this will be one source of heat.  The other more major source of heat would be from the heater element, which apparently is still not working for you. Is the "heat" LED on the control panel lit?  It needs to be on signifying that the control board is asking for heat.  With the this light on check that there is 240 volts across the two copper strips that lead from the circuit board to the heater connections.  Also with the power off measure the resistance across the two heater element terminals.  It should be around 10 ohms if it is a 5.5 kW element. Dieter    

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 08-29-2013


Scott, Your email indicated with the Heat "LED" on you are not getting 240 volts or anything across the heater elements" copper strips.  If you can send a photo showing the entire circuit board that would be helpful to see how you have the service wiring arranged.  If you are using a 120 volt service, there is white wire jumper that needs to go between any WHT AC and any RED AC terminal.  Without this jumper there will be no voltage getting to the heater element. If you are using 240 volt service, then this jumper is not installed, and if you are not getting a voltage to the heater then the first thing to check is continue of the red service wire.  make a measurement from any WHT AC terminal to any RED AC terminal.  You should measure 120 volts ac. Let me know the results.

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 09-05-2013

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