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Nov 2013

Message: I purchased a hot tub about 5 years ago and this year the external plumbing has developed some leaks at the connectors (not in the PVC pipe itself).  Any suggestions for sealing these leaks?  I've tried PVC cement with some mixed success so far.  Thanks.

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Typically a crack in a PVC fitting, to fix properly, requires the whole section to be replaced, unless it can be fixed by cutting pipe and using a new fitting and pipe couplers. There is a 2 parts epoxy PVC repair kit, which often works.  However we don't carry it, and you would have to try some businesses that specialize in PVC fittings, such as PVC Plus in Ottawa.   Dieter Northern Lights Cedar Tubs

Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 11-02-2012


It's not a crack in the fitting. Rather, it's that many of the seals between the joint and the pipe are leaking. I think after 5 years the PVC glue has just started failing to hold a complete seal. I'm looking for ideas on paste/glue/caulk/etc. that might be good at stopping such leaks. Neither PVC glue nor caulk seems to have done the trick yet. Thanks.

Post By : Tom Snodgrass Dated On : 11-04-2012


There is a PVC clamp on repair ring called Leak B Gone that might do the job.  See links below.  



Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 11-06-2012

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