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May 2013


As a result of a property inspection i need to move our Northern Lights sauna (bought about 4 years ago) to another location on our lakeside property. Can i take it apart and re-build it or should i look into hiring a backhoe to lift it off the base and move it that way?

Any suggestions on how to relocate the sauna would be very appreciated,


Stephen Liben

Montreal, Quebec 

Dated on : 04-03-2012


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Either way will work.  The disassembling will of course take some time.



Post By : Stephen Liben Dated On : 04-03-2012




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If you wanted to disassemble it, then 1st you need to remove the seats and heater,  take the door off the hinges.  There are nails and screws that you hopefully can get out and the top staves will be stuck together with the silicone caulking that is used between these staves.  So it is not going to be all smooth sailing.  If moving it in one piece is an option, I would favor that.


Post By : Dieter Jung Dated On : 04-03-2012

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