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Jun 2014

Message: I am interested in a 1 person, deep tub for use indoors, in a large shower stall.  What is the minimum 'footprint' for such a tub.   Mike

Dated on : 06-04-2013

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We could do a custom tub from our round Ofuro that would be 4 feet or 5 feet tall.  This tub is about 50" wide.  Here is an image of  the specification


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 04-28-2013


Dan, Thanks for the reply. We have to do more "sizing" but I am thinking about something ~36" OD & 36" high.  Is that too tight a radius? Mike

Post By : Mike Levine Dated On : 04-29-2013


Yes that is too tight of a radius.  Unfortuneately this is the smallest we manufacuture. Dan  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 04-29-2013

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