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Issue : #2353
sealing cedar

i plan to buy a cedar tub which will be installed in an indoor wet room.   the tub will never be exposed to the elements.  questions:  

is your cedar sealed or otherwise treated in any way?

what is your preferred sealant or other such treatment?  

is there a periodic treatment plan?

if untreated what will result such as leakage, color changes, etc?.

RE: sealing cedar

For an indoor tub, the benefit of an exterior treatment is that the colour will stay more stable.  Without some translucent stain the wood will develop water marks.  A stain will also reduce build up of mold and mildew.  We usually recommend a product that is micro porous such as Sikkens Cetol 1, but for indoor use a water based product may have less initial odor.  I don't have experience with other manufacturers, but I am sure there is a reasonable selection available. We have specific instruction for treating the top rim.

Dieter Jung

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc.