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100% Clear Western Red Cedar Hot Tub, complete with stainless steal straps and fasteners as well as custom cedar circular seats.  Available in 4 sizes.

Hot Tub - Classic

Classic Japanese inpired soaker tubs ideal for one-two persons.  They provide plenty of leg room for long tranquil soaks.  These tubs are ideal for use with Chofu water heaters for economical use. 

Japanese Ofuro - Tub

This hot tub is designed for customers that require the healing of hot water exercise.  The extra depth of this tub (5 feet tall) makes it ideal for aqua therapy.  Yes “exercise” in a hot tub! Our specially designed aqua seat arrangement opens up the rest of the hot tub allowing a full range of aqua aerobics.  You’re entire body can float in this tub.  Jets can reach every part of your body –back, front and sides

X-Deep Hydro Therapy

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