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Natural Salt Water Purification

Natural Salt Water purification

Benefits of Salt water
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, discovered the therapeutic qualities of salt water by noticing the healing affects seawater had on the injured hands of fishermen. The seawater not only restricted infection risks, but patients who followed treatments involving the use of seawater found that it also promoted pain relief. It is now known that sea salt therapy is an effective treatment that assists in the rejuvenation of the cells and also induces a healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and the water.

Using salt water as a hot tub sanitizer has many advantages

  • Convenient and Simple Operation
  • Superior Algae Control without Algaecides
  • Gentler on Swimmers - especially the little ones
  • Easier on the Budget - reduced chemical costs
  • Eliminates that "Chemical Bath" Feel and leave skin feeling soft and silky
  • Refreshing Clear Water - Safe and Natural

How it works:

As the mild salt water passes through the in-line ECO-MATIC cell, electrolysis converts a portion of the dissolved salt into a pure, effective sanitizer (the same effective sanitizer, in part, as would result if chlorine was added to the water - but without the potentially dangerous compounds and the obnoxious chemical effects commonly associated with manual chlorinization - and without the need to handle any chemical.

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