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I have owned your tub now for three years and have never shut it down (except to change the water and clean the filter). This might seem trivial if it weren't for the fact that our winters are between -25 and -35 degrees consistently. As far as I am concerned your product is #1. I use my tub daily as a means to wind down after a stressful day at work. You can understand my immediate interest in your cedar saunas as we are in the process of completing our new home. Please send me more info as I am sure we will enjoy your sauna as much as we have your hot tub.

Jon Richards

We love our Northern Lights Cedar Hot Tub! We've had our tub going steady for about 1-1/2 years and nothing stops us from using it every day. All our visitors who soak remind us that it's the best soaking tub in the city. Thank You for a wonderful tubbing experience!

Jef & Stacy Murphy

Hi Tim, I've completed the installation of my tub and ALL is well. Your instructions are flawless, materials superior and beautiful. I have yet to finish the deck surround but, when I do I'll send Pix. One comment about the Chofu; at first glance, I doubted that the little thing would be up to the task. Let me tell you, it's more than capable, even surprising! The first time I filled and heated the tub the well water was 42degrees and the ambiant temp was 38. Within 6 hours the tub temp was 110! Keep up the good work.

John D Cooper

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